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Aesthetically pleasing Surya Shakti

"Surya-Shakti", a combined Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi recital by Vyshnavie Sainath was presented 18th of August at Ravindra Bharathi for the Vegesna foundation in aid of differently abled children.Vyshnavie at a young age has the rare distinction of not only being proficient in three classical dances : Odissi,Bharatanatyam and Simhanandini (Kuchipudi temple dance form) but also a teacher of these forms.

Ballet with Suryashtakam as the theme in Ragam Revathi was ably done as the opening item by Vyshnavie and other students of her mother and eminent Bharatanatyam Guru Rajeswari Sainath.Colour scheme of the costumes was interesting and aesthetically pleasing ; that of the students being in subtle pastel hues with Vyshnavie standing out in contrasting primary colours.The sound of prancing horses drawing the sun god's chariot was well evoked by the orchestral accompaniment.Various Surya Namaskar poses were displayed by the group who also formed the Suns rays and Arunas vehicle in this concept.

The story of Meenakshi was next enacted in a solo performance by Vyshnavie who prefaced the item with a brief description.The legend of Meenakshi the child of the Pandyan King Malayadhwaja who was brought up as a warrior princess then attained feminity at the sight of Lord Siva. Heroic exploits of the Princess and the marriage of Meenakshi and Sundareswara were vividly depicted by Vyshnavie.Vyshnavie as Goddess Meenakshi standing under an arch with a parrot perched on her shoulder at the end of the piece resembled a tanjore painting." Madurai Meenakshi " was in Ragam Hindolam and Hamsanadham originally composed by Kavi Kannan and translated by Dr.P.Balamurali Krishna.

Simhanandini is an ancient and rare temple ritual dance form of Kuchipudi learnt by Vyshnavie from Guru Smt.Voleti Rangamani.The figure of a Lion formed by footwork during this Prenkhini Natyam."Kaathyayini Sharvaani Sumangali " ; Ragamalika and Thalamalika, was the outstanding highlight of the program superbly executed by Vyshnavie with a signature style of her own.She was a living image of the Goddess in both her gracious and terrifying aspects keeping the audience totally enthralled.A long and glittering Trident handled gracefully added lustre.The picture of the Lion was displayed at the conclusion.

Nattuvangam and choreography for the Bharatanatyam items was by Rajeswari Sainath.