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Veena plays to Jayanthi's tune

Dr. Jayanthi Kumaresh displayed her supreme command over this difficult instrument during her concert held at Nadasurabhi on the 21st of August 2011 at Koramangala, Bangalore.. To say that it was a flawless veena concert will be a gross understatement. Seeing the ease and confidence with which Jayanthi plays the instrument, anyone will be convinced that there is no scope for the minutest error to creep into the melodious flow of music. The sweetness of the presentation combined with the extraordinary technical virtuosity of the artist, produced one of the most memorable musical moments for the discerning music rasikas who had assembled for the concert.

Dr.Jayanthi commenced her recital with Gajananayutham in raga Chakravakam, a composition of Muthuswami Dikshitar. The second piece was a Thyagaraja Kriti Bhavanutha in Mohanam. Being the Gokulashtami Day Jayanthi dedicated almost the entire rest of the concert to compositions on Lord Krishna. After a Khamas alapana, Santhanagopalakrishna of Dikshitar was presented bringing out the beauty of the raga. There was also Kalpanaswara for all the three opening songs. After a brief alapana on the touching raga Chandrajyothi, the popular Bhagaayanayya of Thyagaraja was played.

In the next item, the mood of Bhairavi was brought out in the ragam as well as the presentation of the landmark krithi of Muthuswami Dikshitar, Balagopala. After consulting the audience, Jayanthi chose the filler from one of the popular Oothukkadu Venkatakavi compositions. The winner was Paal vadiyum muham in Natakurunji.

The central piece was a Ragam Thanam Pallavi in Kalyani raga. The pallavi line was Srihari, Narahari, Murahari, Krishnahari, Sachidanandahari. Swarams included a ragamalika comprising Bouli, Anandabhairavi and Valaji. All aspects were rendered crisply keeping the tempo and interest of the audience and there was never a sagging moment.

Thukkadas included Baarokrishniah, a lovely ragamalika by Kanakadasa and the Kapi raga number, Enna Tavam seythanai, Yasodha.

It can be confidently said that Dr.Jayanthi Kumaresh is among the very best Veena artists today. Accompanying Dr.Jayanthi were Tumkur Ravishankar on Mridangam and Guruprasanna on Khanjira. They gave enthusiastic and understanding support to the main artist. Also, their thani avarthanam was remarkably good.

It was announced that Vidushi M.S.Sheela, senior vocalist will present a special thematic concert on compositions of Karnataka Composers on 18th September. Also, the Annual Festival of Nadasurabhi from 9th to 13 th November will feature Malladi Brothers, Unnikrishnan, Ranjani Gayathri, Neyveli Santhanagopalan, Sanjay Subrahmanyan, Neela Ramgopal and M.S.Gopalakrishnan (Violin). The title Sangeetha Surabhi will be bestowed upon Violin legend Padmasri Sangitha Kalanidhi Sri. MS Gopalakrishnan on the 13th of November.

Further details can be had from http://nadasurabhi.org or nadasurabhi@yahoo.co.uk.