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Kalaheli:From Parents, With Love...

Sindhuja performing at the Kalaheli
Growing up in South India savouring its rich and varied culture is nothing short of having a fortunate living. And if these phases of growing up are fueled with encouraging parents initializing children into the classical arts, then life becomes worth for all that it offers.

Before an instant reaction on this emotional outburst, let me justify it by stating that it is so after watching the couple Mr. Jaswant Kumar, a government official and Dr. Radha Rani, a medical practitioner (such varying genres of professions!) organizing an event of music and dance. The motivation being none other than their daughter Sindhuja, a Kuchipudi dancer and a carnatic vocalist currently pursuing a Masters in Dance, taking her passion to the next level. And together this family succeeded in infusing dreams to the twenty odd parents who watched in pride, their children taking to the stage.

‘Kalaheli’ was a day long festival held at the Sundarayya Kala Nilayam recently. Celebrating Kuchipudi and carnatic music, the festival intended to bring to the forefront, provide exposure and create a first time experience for all those budding artistes with a fascination to perform and excel in their chosen fields.

The dancing troupe was a heterogeneous mix of two generations of students – of Dr. Yashoda Thakore and Sindhuja putting up a good effort. Sindhuja chiseled through her solo numbers, highlight being the abhinaya piece of Tyagaraja where she simply yet colourfully depicted sequences of the ‘Draupadi Vastraabharanam’ and ‘Gajendra Moksham’. First timers Divyusha and Harini were surprise packets of good stage presence and exuding energy and the little ones did their best for a debut.

The finale of the dance recital was an icing on the cake where Sindhuja exploited her skills combining dance and music on stage singing the Meera Bhajan as she showed Kubje’s unconditional love for her Lord.

The music performances which followed brushed an aura of pleasantness, for there was nothing formal about it! Rather a group of seemingly interested learners of music and musicians immersing themselves in erstwhile compositions. Students of Guru Subbalakshmi effortlessly sung compositions, one after the other in a marathon concert. It created visuals of a jolywell class in the running with students going solo instead of the routine group affair!

As parents walked heavy hearted and eyes filled with dreams, the makers of Kalaheli aimed to come back bigger and better the next year!

The Kalaparva wishes them all success!