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Udaan delights the theatre lovers

Hyderabad: Udaan Performing Arts ended the year 2011 on a sweet note for theatre lovers of the city. The group put up three consecutive shows on 22nd, 23rd and 24th of Dec in the open space of Lamakaan.

Miya Biwi
On the first day was a comedy play in Hyderabadi dialect called Miya-Biwi. It has been adapted from the original Marathi play "Shri Tashi Sau" by Yogesh Soman into Hindustani by Saurabh Gharipurikar. Pushakrni Verma plays the biwi and Saurabh Ghaipurikar here is the miya. Krishna Shukla did the art direction as well as scored the music.

The play was about a Hyderabadi couple who have been going to the court regularly to get divorced. However, at the end of all the mundane arguments and fights, they stay together because beneath all the sarcasm and blaming they realise they carry affection for each other. Right from the beginning, the audience were warned that they might find the play funny and indeed there was laughter throughout the scenes. The dialogues were delivered fluidly and with ease. The use of stage space was extraordinary and the transitions from flashbacks to reality were fantastically laid-out. This couple on stage seemed comfortable and most of the times the dialogues seemed very naturally spoken. The young actors used mime also very creatively while getting on and off a bus, and the miya teaching his biwi to ride the bike was cute!

On the second day was a Hindi play titled Hatt Teri Kismat.

It has been adapted from the original political satire in Marathi by the famous playwright Padma Bhushan Vijay Tendulkar into Hindi by Vasant Dev. The actors were Saurabh Ghaipurikar and Ashutosh. Sunil Chandurkar did the art direction and composed the music.

The play had two characters - political leader and layman. In the beginning of the play, the layman is very intrigued to come across a politician who is all by himself. He then starts asking him questions and their interactions goes on to various levels. All of a sudden, just before there is public invasion, the two characters’ masks get swapped.The private encounters of the political superman vis-a-vis the layman took various shades during the performance, with the cleverness and immorality of the politician spoken through the simplicity and honesty of a common man. The costumes were apt and so were the creative nose masks. The background music was adding a lot of flavours to the show.

On the third day the play Ji Jaisi Aap Ki Marzi was performed in Hindi.

Ji Jaisi Aap Ki Marzi
The actors who performed were Sainyogita Sathe, Shweta Biswas, Pushkarini Verma and Mrunal Deo. The direction and light were by Saurabh Gharipurikar. Music direction was done by Ashutosh Patwardhan. The play has been written by Nadira Babbar.

The play had monologues of four women talking of their miseries of being a woman, with some shocking and some apparent trivial incidents which have made their life traumatic. The essence of the play overall was to highlight the aspect of justice, which women aspire, in contrast with the helpless reality.

The script has beautifully managed to contain the voice of women from very varied sections of the society - rural & urban, upper, middle & lower income classes, Hindu, Muslim & Sikh, young & old, and married & unwed. The costumes suited very well. The play was soulful. The young and talented actresses took the show to a level and spoke in one voice.