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Unleashing a genie

It is known for long that music and drama in Indian theatre went hand in hand. Melodies were specially composed and performed live by the artistes to underline the sentiments of the play. But in the recent past this creative interspersing of the two allied arts has become rare in the mainstream theatre. In an endeavor to revive this erstwhile theatre culture, Shirda Productions debuted their maiden production "Aladdin and the Lamp of Magic" in Hyderabad.

Inspired by the Broadway Musical Theatre of the United States, this play's attempt to bring extravagant sets and live music, with no recorded tracks or playback singing, was inviting, despite the uneven acting by some of the cast. Unfortunately, the dialogue delivery was generally incomprehensible either owing to the poor technology or amateurish accent. However, Sindhuja handled the large role of Princess Badroulbadour well for a theatre novice. With her adept singing and polished portrayal she seemed to fit the part of Princess almost perfectly.

The scene of flying carpet carrying Aladdin and the Princess into a dreamland was particularly impressive; So were the scenes of nefarious attacks by the evil wizard that left many a children in the audience amused.

Overall the play was reasonably conceptualized and executed in its set design, stage dressing and lighting. But, one gripe that remains is the need for a careful casting for a production of such nature and of such larger aims.

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