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An eventful month

(First prize: Senior category)
(First prize: Junior category)

Nadasurabhi, a leading actor in the cultural lanscape of Bangalore had a colourful weekend on 19th and 20th May 2012.

A children's competition in carnatic vocal music was scheduled for the 19th. There was an overwhelming response from participating children and their parents for this fourth edition of the competition. The event was held in two parts one in the morning for children aged 12-15 years and in the afternoon for the 8-11 year age group. With over 50 children participating, the Indian Heritage Academy, Koramangala wore a festive look. The competition was held in a healthy environment with more emphasis on participation than on competition. All participants were given gifts and certificates. There were also 16 prizes to be won. The first three prizes in the senior category went to Manasa, Neha Bashyam and Sai Shreyas and in the junior category to Shreya Venkatraman, Sahana Chandrasekhar and Keerthana Narasimhan. The overall standard of performance of the children was very high. Carnatic musicians, Sri.RSR Srikanth, Smt.Subha Sampath and Sri.Vasudevan were the judges.

On 20th, Sunday, a vocal concert of Vidwan Sampagodu Vighnaraja, a young musician from Bangalore who is currently teaching carnatic music at the Temple of Music in Malaysia, was held at the same venue. Endowed with a rich voice and a vast manodharmam, Vighnaga impressed the audience at the Nadasurabhi concert.

Vighnaraja started off the concert with a Varnam in Natakuranji - Chalamela, set to Adi talam and went on to present it in seven speeds - 2 aksharas per beat, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 aksharas- which received great applause! A racy swara prasthara to his kalyani song rendered as a Ganesha stuthi,and a speedy Chenchukamboji kriti - Vararagalayawere were well received. To prove that he is not just a speed master he presented Dikshitar's Navavarana kriti, Kamalambam samrakshatu in Anandabharavi in a very pleasing, slow tempo. A detailed deliniation of raga poorvikalyani for Neelakantasivan's Ananda natam aaduvar embellished with swaraprastharas in different kaalas and gathis and Marubari talarenura in Kamach were added attractions.

A Raga-Tana-Pallavi in Keeravani as the main piece was a wholesome treat. Vighnaraja treated the raga in three parts and went on to present the thana in different speeds with much elaboration. The pallavi - Gajamukhane, sumukhane paripaaliso - was set in Chaturasra triputa tala which was followed by ragamalika swaras, predictably once again in varying speeds and nadais like tisra, chaturasra and khanda. The speed did not mar the clarity in pronouncing the swaras or sahitya at any stage. It was followed by tani avartanam. With Purandaradasa's Jagadodharana and Pibare Ramarasam in Ahir Bhairav he concluded the 3.5 hour concert.

Vidwan B.K. Raghu on the violin was extremely good. He not only gave a satisfactory following throughout but also played each raga with all nuances using extra ordinary sancharas. The Tani avartanam by Vidwan A.S.N. Swamy on mridangam and Vidwan Raghavendra Prakash on Ghatam was of a high standard.

Besides these cultural events, Nadasurabhi also elected their office bearers for the year 2012-13 during their AGM held before the concert on 20th May. Brig. Narayan -President, Sri.DS Gopinath- V.P., Smt.Harini Raghavan- Gen Secretary, Sri.KSS Raghavan- Treasurer, Sri.Suresh Subrahmanyan, Sri.RSR Srikanth, Ms. KT Leelavathi - Members, were elected unanimously to the executive committee of the organisation.

Participants in senior and junior categories