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In the senior league

G RavikiranPhoto courtesy: Nadasurabhi

Vidwan G Ravikiran, in carnatic music terms, is still a young artist. But during his performance for Nadasurabhi on Sunday 21st October 2012 at the Indian Heritage Academy, he demonstrated by his mature rendition, that he is not far from entering the senior league of Carnatic musicians.

Unperturbed by the absence of mridangam (due to the late arrival of the artist), Ravikiran commenced his concert with the popular Kaanada varnam ,Nera Nammiti. The next to come was the thyagaraja kriti Sreekantha Neeyeda. A few compact rounds of swarams, led him to the well known Harikaambodhi number, Dinamani Vamsa.

The two main pieces chosen for elaboration this evening were the emotionally charged Mukhari and an elaborate Sankarabharanam. The beautiful Ksheenamai in the former was a masterpiece from the Semmangudi school. Ravikiran handled it beautifully in all aspects including alapana , neraval and swaraprasthara. Muthuswamy Dikshitar's Dakshinamoothy in the latter raga was also given expansive treatment befitting the grand stature of the composition. After the Subramanya Bharathiar's Chinnanchiru kiliye which is a ragamaalika, lovely ragas were chosen for the tail pieces. Nattakkurinji Javali, Punnagavaraali- Kanakasaila, Chenchurutti- Bruhimukundeti, added colour and vigour to the concluding portion of a well performed, well attended programme.

There was all round satisfaction among the audience. Accompanying artists, Nalina Mohan, Jayachandra Rao and young Phanindra Bhaskar provided understanding and competent support to the main artist.