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At the crest of a threshold

“I will do just about anything to keep dancing”. Well, this confident and positive one liner comes from Rasika Kiran, a young Bharatanatyam dancer of Bangalore in the excitement of her upcoming Rangapravesha.

As she faces a discerning audience in her debut performance on 1st Dec, Rasika is more than just a new comer in the field. Daughter of famed dancing duo Kiran Subramanyam and Sandhya Kiran, Rasika has well graduated into a professional dancer, inheriting dancing and being surrounded by it everywhere. “When I was little, I just danced because it was fun. I danced with every batch that had class and I dressed up and did mini photo shoots with every student that had to take pictures! May be when I was eleven or twelve, I started to realize that I truly felt something for dance- I couldn’t name it at that time….now, for the past 3-4 years, I’m totally in love with my dance!

That makes her Arangetram more of a milestone of personal achievement and does it give butterflies in the stomach? “Not really!! I’m just very excited and can’t wait to be on stage!” She says. Way to go as a youngster all geared up to achieve!

A first year degree student of Psychology, Literature and Communications at Mount Carmel College, Rasika has had quite an exciting teenage life as a girl juggling dance and academics. “My friends think it’s cool that I travel so much on performances, some think it’s equally crazy that I would prefer going for a rehearsal instead of a movie! There are not too many classical dancers in my class (even my entire department); neither did I have many in school. There is a mixture of reactions- some of them are in awe of me; some of them think I’m outdated and weird!”

The ‘Awe’ feeling though stops at that, for at home, she is just another student in class. Not the pampered one? I quickly add and she stares blank “Pampered and me? No way! I am just another student at Rasika (Rasika Academy) and honestly, I prefer it this way. I would be very embarrassed if it were otherwise!"

A home filled with art and artistes can be a blessing yet tenuous at times with the responsibility of expectations mounting on. Rasika differs when she says “I look up to my parents as role models and I think they are awesome! I have watched some brilliant dancers at our academy too. And I know that these are the levels I have to aspire for. Yet there has no pressure on me to subscribe to set standards. However, I would like to set my own standards and give my best every time.”

And the time is right now – the extravagant of all – The Arangetram. An occasion like this would call for a huge family celebration and Rasika is definitely party to it. “The thought of having my Rangapravesha came about around two years ago but my parents felt I needed some more time. About six months back we got really serious and started working towards it. Yes, it is a huge family affair! My grandmother is super excited and has probably invited half the city! For my parents, it’s both excitement and responsibility; they are making sure my debut performance is something we can all cherish for a lifetime!

As she oozes out her joy, Rasika is uncluttered on what her future holds out for her – Dancing for sure amongst all other things.

The Kalaparva wishes this exuberant youngster all the very best on her big day and the best that life can offer.

The Rangapravesha will be held on Saturday 1st Dec, 2012 at the Chowdaiah Memorial Hall, Bangalore.