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A fine debut

AkhilaPhoto courtesy: G V Anna Rao

The evening of 27th December at Ravindra Bharathi was made memorable for the audience by a spectacular performance by Akhila, student of Guru Hemamalini Arni. An Arangetram is generally the first solo debut of an Artiste on a public platform , however this young Artiste enthralled all by giving a captivating performance. Polished and meticulous, she was like a veteran whose rhythm and grace were amazing to behold.

Starting off with the Alarippu, She displayed consummate artistry in the main item of an Arangetram; the Varnam which was "Sadhinchane" by Thyagaraja.This extensive Pancharatna kriti imbued with spiritual meaning was beautifully presented, the Deities extolled were depicted exquisitely by the Dancer.Abhinaya though bold was not in any manner overdone and complemented the Nritta aspect.The punctuating Jatis were brisk and energetic displaying faultless footwork.The next piece saw no change in rigour.Bho Shambho of Dayananda Saraswati was again rendered with the same mastery and skill, the command of the young Dancer over the brilliant choreography of her senior Guru was indeed extraordinary.The sculpturesque Nataraja stance was well portrayed befitting of the God described as ever dancing in this song.

Krishna Nee Begane proved the impeccable credentials of the Dancer in carrying on the Vazhuvoor bani of the great Padma Shri Ramiah Pillai and Padma Bhushan Balasaraswathi as whose best known piece it is still cherished. Brimming with devotion and soulful melody this great composition of Vyasaraya which contains his yearning for the Lord decorated with beautiful ornaments and attire was highlighted in the dual roles of Yashoda and Krishna.A sparkling Thillana in Hindolam completed the performance admirably.

Raghunandan for the Nattuvangam,Vocalist Sangeetha Kala and the seasoned Orchestra was in total synchronization with the Artist complementing the event with their usual brilliance.Distinguished guests and Classical Art connoisseurs Padmashri Dr. K. Viswanath and Padma bhushan Varaprasad Reddy presided.It can be noted in conclusion that Akhila Kovvuri who is a Class XI student and also involved in an NGO is certainly one young Artiste who Dance lovers should watch out for.

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