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A splash of colour!

"My mom tells me that whenever I used to get a paper and a pencil I used to start drawing some pictures," says Punya Vasan, an 8th grader of Sri Vani Education Society in Bangalore and like most other girls of her age, life at this stage is a colourful blend of academics, extracurricular activity and cultural training.

Punya started taking art classes - drawing and painting - at the age of six under Ms. Asha. After her two year stint here, she tutored under the Kulkarnis who are art teachers at the Chitrakala Parishath in Bangalore. Punya is continuing with them for the past five years. She has learnt canvas painting, nature drawings, memory drawings, object drawings and designing.

While it was a strong urge and innate interest that drove her into painting, the classes are nurturing it further by a well designed curriculum of a gradual climb. The classes are conducted once a week and the two hour session includes basic sketching techniques, to figuring to scenery drawing.

“They do give us a topic like for example, places we visited during holidays, animals in forests and sometimes they ask us to choose a topic,” she says on the range of topics. And the immediate question was of her personal liking of topics and pat comes the answer. "I like to do human portraits. I like to capture the various feelings, actions and features of humans in my drawings" .

Since drawing and painting is something Punya is extremely passionate about, she finds and balances time between studies and this art pursuit. Painting for her is rather a way to relax!

Having completed her Junior Exam in Drawing conducted by the Government of Karnataka, she will be taking up the next level, and has chalked out a plan to take this art further by enrolling into Chitrakala Parishath.

Apart from her painting skills, Punya has also undergone basic training in Bharatanatyam and plans to continue further.

We leave you with some of her paintings, and the Parva team wishes this young prodigy all the best in her future endeavors!

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