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Grand three-day event concludes

Priyanka PrakashPhoto courtesy: Nadasurabhi

Nadasurabhi Youth festival 2013, a grand three day cultural event, dedicated to the memory of Sri.G.R.Narasimhan and Smt.Geetha Narasimhan, concluded recently in Bangalore.

On the day one, students of Smt.Savitha Kartik gave a full concert format for the programme. Starting with a Varnam and Ganesha Sthuthi the programme was followed by a sub-main song in Mayamalavagowla with brief raga alapana and swarams. After a crisp Kapi kriti, the main item Abhogi was elaborated with good ragam and swara prastharam with each one taking turns in the singing in interesting and unpredictable sequence. It was conclude with a pair of tukkadas.

Later a young upcoming artist Priyanka sang with great confidence and took on heavy songs in Todi and Kalyani one after the other. Also, she took a tough Ragam Thanam pallavi with difficult sahitya and laya in Simhendramadhyamam and did fair justice to the effort. The violinist made a good impression and the percussionists were adequate.

Swarna RethasPhoto courtesy: Nadasurabhi

On the day two,students of Kalavathy Avadhooth, who participated in a group-singing programme, were extremely well coordinated and perfectly trained with good sruthi and laya control. Song selection was very thoughtful as it covered a wide range of vaggeyakkaaras. Also, different thaalas were employed for each song. This added colour and beauty to the entire presentation.

Later Swarna Rethas presented a vocal concert. Swarna Rethas is endowed with a good booming voice and he presented a wholesome treat during the occasion. His grip on carnatic music was well demonstarted by the range of manodharma sangeetham that he could employ effortlessley. The elaboaration of the ever green Balagopaala in Bhairavi was delightful. Interestingly, being the disciple of sanjay Subrahmanyan he hardly sang any of his guru's popular songs but chose a completely different set, thus distinguising himself and demonstarting a different dimension of the same school of music.

The concluding day witnessed Bharatanatyam by students of Nrityakalamandira. Guru Bhanumati herself was present to guide eleven of her well chosen students to present a brilliant Bharatanatyam recital. The spectacular demonstartion of the technical nuances and the delicate Bhava and abhinaya displayed by the tiny tots left everyone exhilerated in sheer ecstasy. It was indeed a great visual and spiritual treat.