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Three dimensions of youthful flair!

3 Dhara

A visibly aesthetic environs of Lamakaan welcomed a motley of art enthusiasts to a rare evening of dance performance in three different classical styles – Odissi, Vilasini Natyam and Kathak.

Don’t we know that if the youth of ‘manna’ Hyderabad resolve into something, it is bound to be lavish, extravagant and stylish? So was 3 Dhara a thematic presentation by solo professional artistes dressed in soothing whites to present niche elements of each of their genres with finesse and elan.

Pujitha Krishna Jyothi in Vilasini Natyam
Pujita Krishna Jyoti represented the young face of Vilasini Natyam – the rare dance form of Andhra Pradesh revived from extinction. Pujita lent her eclectic stage presence to the graceful dance form and danced in abosolute joie de vivre while Mitha Vinay swirled and swayed in Kathak chakkars what with her petite frame on stage befitting the dance. Gullapudi Raman Kumari presented traditional Odissi with sculptural poses complimenting the scenic backdrop of the venue.

Mitha Vinay in Kathak
Pujitha’s invocatory number dedicated to the elephant headed lord was a typical presentation of her style alternating between expressive and nrita portions specially the ‘Namaskar’ which was stylish and eye catching. While Kathak’s Ganesh Vandana and Raman Kumari’s invocation of the dancing diva – Lord Nataraj, were standard presentations, the pure dance elements in all the three forms felt a little streched to the context. These Nritta portions however, incorporating complex rhythmic sequences served as a showcase of the difference in the forms and mirrored some intense orthodox training.

Raman Kumari in Odissi
The entire gamut of expressional dance came to the fore as each dancer portrayed stories and essayed characters from mythology. Pujitha enacted Alamelu Manga’s friend coaxing her to go to her beloved – Sri Venkateshwara in an Annamacharya Kriti, while Mitha brought alive the evergreen sweet nothings between eternal lovers Radha and Krishna. Raman danced to Jayadeva’s Dasavatara blending together the Avatars of Lord Vishnu in a stringed sequence.

As the audience cheered and applauded the dancers (among st constant shoving and killing of mosquitoes though!!), they were sure left craving for a fitting finale of all the three dancers together on stage in a fusion.The event was presented by Feet on Earth a dance studio dedicated to learning, teaching and performing classical Indian and world dance forms.